The checkpoints are an essential part of this expedition.

Checkpoints are located close by the GPX route.

A GPX file is supplied to all expedition members before the start, but it does not contain the checkpoints.

The location of checkpoints will be revealed during the expedition.

It is essential to pass all checkpoints.

Your mobile phone is used for check-in.

Most checkpoints are unmanned.

Checkpoints can be just a location where you check in, but it may feature missions or depots, or both.

You may navigate freely between checkpoints, and always safely, legally, and with utmost respect for nature.

The GPX route may not be the shortest, but it will take you to the finish. Stick with it (except for some short mission detours) if you are not feeling great about navigation.

Speaking of navigation: never, ever rely on a GPX file alone for navigation. Be the wiser person a study a map. Bring your own map as you see fit.

At a depot, remember you share the contents with all the expedition members.

CP“The Bridge”///reveal.starter.puzzles
CPThe Flamingo(non-disclosed location)
CPPier Pressure(non-disclosed location)
CPThe Pheasant///headbands.deserve.mirage
CPThe Cirkle(non-disclosed location)
CPThe Raw Deluxe(non-disclosed location)
CPThe Honeysuckle(non-disclosed location)
CPThe Watchtower///victory.strung.disturbances
CPThe Trail Angel(non-disclosed location)
CPThe Ultra Stone///forays.enzyme.underlined