The Expedition Route

The route follows the shores of the Öresund strait, making the official Skåneleden SL5 trail the natural path to take.

The SL5 trail is marked with orange square dots and passes useful places like public toilets with tap water, for instance at the lake Saxtorpsjön. Less cars, more views, and facilities, what’s not to like?

With the SL5 as an inspiration, we have compiled a route into a single GPX file visualized below:

To download the GPX: click here


This GPX file has a few notable exceptions to the Skåneleden trail, for example through the city of Helsingborg, were you will find a more useful way by the sea-side of the city, closer to grocery stores, cafés or even stores where you can buy new shoes if needed. And more considerately, it takes you closer to the beautiful shore.

While the route in this GPX file will take you to the finish alright, what actually matters are the checkpoints, which you must pass. If you fail to reach the checkpoints, your expedition experience will not be complete.

You may navigate freely between the checkpoints. Think of the GPX file route as a good guide, especially if you have not explored this part of the world before.

And finally: never, ever rely solely on a GPX file for navigation. You need to be the wiser person.