Expedition Öresund 2023, July 13-15th

The shortest distance recorded this year by the GPS trackers was 160.9 km, by Peter Bengtsson. It was a true coincidence that it turned out to be exactly 100 Miles!

The shortest route sets the normalized base for all participants, regardless of what detours anyone else took.

The laps at Viadal are put on top to create the official total Km distance for ranking. But we are transparent with all distances, you all know what it took just to get to the finish!

#NameTotal KmAgeGClubTracker KmLapsLaps km
1Johan Johansson208,21979MMalmö Gerillalöpare161,37047,200

Dina Böhm173,11973FLG Ultralauf175,51812,137
3Peter Bengtsson167,61968M160,996,068
4Dan Svensson166,41966MRunners Club169,785,394
5Sofia Kay164,41976FLK TV88166,453,371
5Tommy Carlsson164,41966MLK TV88166,153,371
7Johanna Gren161,71992F169.610,674
8Johnny Svensson110,01973MDark Trail Runners121,800
DNSMartin Scharp
DNSEmmy Karnerud
DNSZingo Andersen
Results from Expedition Øresund 2023

Those who do not manage to get to Viadal within 40 hours are awarded the distance to the last cleared checkpoint.

This inaugural race was held with lot’s of lucky weather. Heavy showers with thunder came by just at the start, but due north. The temperature was mild but not too low, compared to how high they could have been. No runner was completely lost, and only one had to cut it short before meeting up for the mandatory dinner at the Viadal ultra farmstead. Johnny sacrificed himself to the Kullamannen so that the rest of the team would get safe passage, and we thank him for that!

The Expedition Leader was very pleased with the outcome of this race, and in awe of the performances by all the expedition members.

Link to GPS tracking results: